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Our lawn treatment programs are designed to give you a beautiful lawn from early spring until the leaves have finally stopped falling in the late fall.

Locally tailored lawn programs
Our basic lawn program provides the correct amount of nutrients to fulfill the needs of your lawn, while the weed controls help keep your lawn weed free. And with our fertilizer and crabgrass combination you can expect to see no unsightly crabgrass in the summer. The program is designed for the specific weather conditions that we encounter in Lancaster County. We do not follow a standard program based on national franchise standards.

Grub and insect control
We provide lawn insect and grub control services. We tailor each plan based on location, stress factors and, your lawns history. We provide both preventive and curative applications. We use the safest most effective products applied by friendly certified lawn professionals.

Lime Applications
We provide lime applications to help balance soil pH and reduce thatch. These help your lawn fight off pests and disease.

Aeration brings up plugs of turf and alleviates compaction. Less compaction helps water, air, and nutrients to move freely in the root zone and benefits the turf. While the plugs break down on the surface the break down thatch. Aeration is also beneficial in the seeding process also.

Soil Tests
Soil tests can help determine your lawns deficiencies and help us tailor your program to meet your lawns needs.