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Lawn Mowing


Established in 1984, a family owned business serving the landscaping and lawn care needs of Lancaster and the surrounding areas. 

At Savicky Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on hard work and exceeding the customers expectations. Our mission is to provide customers with an outdoor area they love through personalized landscape and hardscape designs, customized lawn maintenance programs, and more. 


Ted Savicky President_edited.jpg



Ted Savicky is the proud owner of Savicky Lawn Care since 2010. He began working for Savicky Lawn Care when it was established by his father in 1984. Over his many years in the industry, Ted has accrued an extensive knowledge of lawn care and maintenance. When he isn't working with his team doing tree and shrub applications and mowing, he is in the office making sure our customers are happy or writing proposals for customized lawn care programs.

Chad Zeamer General Manager


Vice President

Chad Zeamer is the Vice President of Savicky Lawn Care. He joined the team in 2017 during the summer to learn the trade, and has since become a major asset to the company. 

Chad is working closely with the new work force at Savicky Lawn Care to ensure that our high standard of lawn care is upheld in the coming years. Chad is also at the forefront of all hardscaping projects at Savicky Lawn Care, hoping to expand further into the world of patios, walls, and other hardscape designs. 

Wendell Hannaford General Manager_edited.jpg


General Manager

Wendell Hannaford is the General Manager at Savicky Lawn Care. He specializes in making sure that all customers' needs are met and exceeded. Wendell does regular assessments of landscape maintenance customers to ensure that their lawns are continuing to meet the Savicky standard. Wendell also works with customers during and after projects to make sure all needs are met after the completion of a project.

John Straubel Project manager


Project Manager

John Straubel is the Project Manager at Savicky Lawn Care. John works with customers to ensure that their vision comes to life through the design and products used for their landscape or hardscape project. John works to make the process of these projects as smooth as possible for the customer. He does this by having a extensive knowledge on products that we use and walks each customer through their final design to make sure that their expectations are met and exceeded.

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