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Savicky Lawn Care March ‘23 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 4

March 2023


Our company strives to provide our customers with premium lawn care services. We pride ourselves in being proactive in the products and techniques we use to service your properties. This season we would like to continue improving this by conducting FREE quarterly property assessments. We care about our customers and take pride in providing you all with the property you desire.


Proposals have been rolling in and the season is right around the corner. We are finishing up our routine winter maintenance and preparing our equipment for the first step in our lawn application programs. Our amazing staff have also prepared our truck, trailers, and equipment to begin our spring clean ups. The winter weather has allowed us to get out to do clean ups, downsizing shrubs, hardscape projects/installation, and more. Even the cold won’t stop us! We are here year round and always available to help you all whenever you need. If you are in need of a proposal or have any questions feel free to visit our website at You can also call or email us to renew.



At the start of each season, the work we do is fairly routine. Our goal is to prepare your properties for the coming months. We will have crews out applying lawn applications, conducting spring clean-ups, preparing beds for mulching, and completing various projects. All of our employees are cross-trained, however, they are assigned specific tasks when they head out for the day. We enjoy interacting with our customers and explaining what we are working on for the day. If you have any additional work that you would like completed, feel free to talk with the crew foreman or contact the office!


We are pleased to announce that our social media pages are up and running. You can visit our website at You will be able to find links to our social media pages at the bottom of our homepage.

- Ted Savicky

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